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// Published September 5, 2017 by Randolph West

Randolph here.

Anna Mae and I have some fantastic news to share. We have engaged the services of three production companies to assist us in finishing post-production on the four filmed episodes of YOU ASKED FOR IT!, as well as the short film SUBURBAN TRAUMA.

Suburban Trauma

First, SUBURBAN TRAUMA. This short film was the brainchild of Sarah M. Gibbs, who stars in the film with the talented SueAnne Fu-Joncic.

Thanks to Jermaine Ilao (CRE8 Instant Media) and Riley Kearl (Riley Kearl Productions), who will be editing and producing the final cut of SUBURBAN TRAUMA, with a release date expected in October 2017.

Jermaine and Riley are also the publishers of a local Calgary magazine, called Vantage Magazine, and are going to press on their fourth issue as I write this. If you’d like to support them, check out their GoFundMe page.

You Asked For It!

We filmed four episodes really quickly, over a few months in 2015, and had great talent on set and behind the camera, including Laura Allen, Sarika Mehta, Christopher Heatherington (with whom I worked on THE WINNER and SANCHA’S CAUSE), and Wil Knoll.

CRE8 Instant Media and Riley Kearl will once again be assisting with post-production on these four episodes.

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